A great weekend was had by all of the athletes who attended the Riga Freedive cup 2020. Georgina Miller came home with a silver medal for a strong static apnea performance of 6:30, Agnieszka Kalska Freediver took home a gold and over all prize for the women. The event was fantastically well organised and we would like to give special thanks to Yulia Maryevich, Alexey Potapenko, Valeriy Kovalenko and all of the organisers, judges, safeties and athletes who made this event so special. A special mention should go to Aquacity free diver Lorena Prieto Cacabelos for her first international event, where she did really well and was a great coach and competitor. The event uses team scores, UK divers Liv Philip, Beci Ryan and Georgina Miller made up a team- to take home another silver! Thanks again to everyone for a wonderful weekend- one of the very best pool competitions on the AIDA calendar. Gorgeous pictures by Daan Verhoeven.