Start your journey into freediving

Our beginner courses are great for new freedivers and experienced recreational freedivers who want to receive training and a recognised certification. They are great entry level programs and where most people like to start- as it will give you the safety skills to be able to carry on practicing with a buddy afterwards. 

Freedive Pool Diver

Participating in our basic course is a great way to decide if getting a Freedive certification is right for you. You should be a comfortable swimmer and in good health.

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SSI Level 1

In this entry level courses course you acquire the proper skills and knowledge to participate in freediving to depths of up to 60 ft. (20 meters) in the most relaxed and safe manner possible.

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What does it take to become a freediver?

Freediving is a very gentle sport and there is something here for everyone, wether you are interested in exploring a reef and looking at wild life or you want to push your limits in a competitive setting. In order to start you need to take a course with a qualified instructor as its really important to get to understand safety and the basics. You need to be able to swim comfortably, a good bench mark is wether you can manage 200m without stopping. You will also need to be in good health- we have a medical form that you can look at here to see if freediving is suitable for you. 

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