Further develop your freediving skills

After you complete your pool or level 1 freediver course- there are a number of specialties that you can take, from learning how to monofin, swim with no fins or train in a pool, and if you are ready for the next step- take it deeper with the SSI level 2 advance freediver course. 

SSI Level 2

This advanced freediving course will equip you with further knowledge of the mammalian diving reflex and how to initiate the best response for freediving.

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SSI Monofin Speciality Course

This workshop is for qualified freedivers SSI pool or equivalent who want to try-out a Monofin or improve their Monofin diving techniques

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SSI Training Techniques Speciality

This workshop is for qualified freedivers SSI level pool diver or equivalent who want to learn to plan their training and improve tolerance to CO2.

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SSI No-Fins Speciality Course

This workshop is for qualified freedivers SSI level 2 or equivalent who want to try no fins or improve their techniques. For the no fin freediver pool certification, SSI pool freediver certification is a prerequisite.

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Static Apnea

This course is for qualified divers SSI pool diver or above who are interested in improving their breath hold.

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Prerequists for intermediate level freediving courses

If you want to take a speciality course in the pool, you need SSI pool diver as a prerequisite, or if the specialty is in open water, SSI level 1 freediver is essential. For level 2 advanced freediver, you need at least 6 logged dives since your freediver course. It doesn’t matter if you trained your beginner course with a different agency- as long as it is an internationally recognised certification.