What will you see at Porthkerris?

Porthkerris has one of the best shore dives in the UK.
The beach is very protected from all but Easterly winds, so generally in Summer time the ocean is flat calm.

The dive site ranges from shallows down to around 18m on a high tide, where we have a mooring for a deep line.
Around the rocks you will see lots of cracks and gullies, plenty of marine architecture and lots of life.
Getting below the kelp line you will see jewel anemones, crustaceans, sponges, cuckoo wrasse and in the Summer shoals of bait fish which can attract the occasional tuna or inquisitive seal!

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Boat Diving at Porthkerris

We have two very well equipped hard boats for deeper dives, the ‘Celtic Kitten’ for local trips and the ‘Celtic Cat’ if we are out for a day.
These boats can take us to deep water or to a host of amazing dive sites, many around the Manacle Marine Conservation Zone, which is famous for its wreck dives and wonderful marine life.

For more information on dive sites click here.

Diving with Blue Sharks in Cornwall

Each Summer, between mid-July to the end of August we run Blue Shark trips.
If you ever dreamed about freediving with these gorgeous animals, now is your chance!

The spaces are very limited to keep encounters safe and quiet for the sharks.
Contact Us for dates and prices.

Freediving with Seals and Dolphins

Cornwall is host to several seal colonies, they are very friendly, inquisitive creatures.
We run trips to see them and there is always the chance to encounter dolphins or harbour porpoise along the way.

The boat charter is very popular and the numbers are limited, so contact us soon if you are interested. Plastic fins recommended.
Contact Us for dates and prices.