Aquacity freediving has an active club with regular meets, open to qualified and insured freedivers.

You will need a full set of your own gear to join us, and be happy to buddy up and provide safety as our club sessions are not instructor led. They are a chance to get together for all of us to train and share space.

Qualification minimum for club membership is SSI level 1/ AIDA 2 star for open water, pool diver or higher for pool sessions. We ask that if you are new to the club that you take at least one coached session to review safety. You will need to fill in standard paperwork, medical and liability release forms.

Every week we do dynamic sessions in a lovely 25m pool in Truro. Static sessions and shore or boat based deep diving sessions in the sea are arranged around other commitments.

Contact us for dates.

Coaching Sessions

If you are in Cornwall on holiday and want to freedive we can also organise coaching. This is open to qualified divers or people who want to upgrade their certification from pool to level 1. We keep our ratios low- so you will have a maximum of 3 people to 1 instructor in open water.

Contact us for details.

  • Coaching for qualified insured divers. From shore (20m max) £45 minimum 2 people (£ 55 per person if you need to rent kit)
  • Coaching from the boat for deep dives 20-40m+. 1- 1.5 hours. £120 per person, £ 130 if you need to rent kit. minimum 6 people.
  • Static coaching at Porthkerris (1 hour) £80 per person minimum 2 people
  • Club deep diving: £40 per person, 1 hour approx boat dive, minimum 6 people
  • Club shore diving £15 per person, 1-1.5 hours max 20m.
  • Club pool 25m dynamic or static session: £15 per session every week. Location: Truro