What a wonderful few weeks we had with Infinity Freediving Cyprus!  The blue really is infinite and we felt so lucky to be able to train and compete at the 6th edition of the Infinity Depth Games.  Thank you so much Nicole KarseraCostas ConstantinouSavvas Savva, Sasa Jeremic and all your team!  

Like everyone else around the world, training has been very challenging yet our Aquacity Team did so well at getting back to depth, Georgina Miller did an impressive constant weight dive to 60m, not far off her competition pb from last year, and Lorena Prieto Cacabelos made such great progress with her equalising, diving comfortably to 45m in FIM and nabbing herself first place on the podium for that discipline! Beci Ryan bashed out some lovely dives too, particularly great to watch her constant no fins to 40m and Natasha Morrison did a PB dive to 30m FIM in a mask (showing great poise by swapping to the mask after her goggles broke just before her official dive).

Gorgeous photo of George in competition by Daan Verhoeven!