We have just come back from an amazing adventure to the Xibalba free diving competition and a cenote trip. The Cenotes are fresh water caves and underground pools located in the Yucatan in Mexico. Cenote Ucil was host to this years competition, organised by Alexandro Lemus. It is an amazing 100m deep cave, which makes for ideal deep free diving conditions. Georgina Miller came home with a silver medal in no fins and took a bronze over all for the ladies. It was amazing to watch 2 new world records being set by Sofia Gomez and Sayuri Kinoshita in the constant bi fins category, congratulations to these two amazing ladies!
We took the opportunity to explore several of the centres, each one having a different character, Daan has taken some amazing footage, so watch this space for up and coming videos! You can see some of his beautiful work here.
Many thanks to our wonderful hosts at the competition and to Matt and Kiki for showing us such amazing places. These cenotes are blowing our mind!! Every time, every single one so different from the next, you think it can’t get any better and then it does –  officially in love with Mexico.