We had an amazing day out with Porthkerris divers last weekend. Saturday we chartered the Celtic Cat and went to explore some of the caves and gullies close to the Roseland peninsula. The bad weather had stopped us form getting to Longships at Landsend, hoping to see seam seals from afar. WE stayed locally and were so lucky, as we were exploring a pinnacle of rock, who should appear but a couple of curious Atlantic grey seals! Its really important not to disturb these beautiful creatures, so we stay well back, but they followed us along the reef, coming in close to inspect fins. Really lovely interactions! Our second dive took us into the Fal river to escape the wind. It was so beautiful with tall forests of kelp and the most amazing colours! So much life to see. You can see some more pictures form the trip on our face book page.

Many thanks to Mike and Luca for looking after us and to Porthkeris divers beach cafe for feeding us!