A big well done to 6 British freediving ladies who took part in the Infinity Depth Games, two of whom were complete beginners (Nicky Margieson & Natasha Noir of Aquacity Freediving) and a third who had just two weeks of diving under her belt (Rosie Williams of Apnea Revolution & London Freediving).

Georgina Miller of Aquacity Freediving placed 1st over all and 1st in CNF and 2nd in CWT with Rosie coming in 2nd for CNF dive and Beci 3rd. Vanessa Allen of Apnea Revolution performed two solid dives to 42m in CWT and FIM.

There were no red cards in sight and Georgina, Rosie, and Nicky had a clean sweep of white cards for each of their dives. This comp was slightly unusual in that three-quarters of the athletes were women – so great to see!

Beci: 36m CWT, 40m FIM, 35m CNF
Georgina: 51m CWT, 45m FIM, 34m CNF
Natasha: 25m CWT, 23m FIM
Nicky: 23m CWT, 20m FIM, 18m CNF
Rosie: 40m CWT, 40m FIM, 31 CNF
Vanessa: 42m CWT, 42m FIM

Photos by Daan Verhoeven