We have just come back from helping on Adam Stern’s deep week in Bali. Georgina was a guest instructor and Daan was documenting the event with his amazing videos and photos. Deep week was really great fun and seamlessly put together. It consisted of 85 guest and lots of instructors. Adam has created a wonderful environment to learn here! There were twice daily lectures on different topics by guest instructors. Freediving superstars such as Davide CarreraKate MiddletonMike Board and Adam himself were on hand to give amazing advice and workshops. Georgina ran a static class and Daan a couple of photography workshops. There was daily yoga, meditation, deep diving sessions and trips to see the local ship wrecks. All in all a fantastic week. It was a really privilege to be asked to be involved and we would like to than Adam and Erin Stern, and all those involved in the running of deep week for such an amazing experience. Can we come to the next one please? May need a nap when we get home though!