We want to say a massive thank you to PavlosNicole, and Costas for a fantastic competition, their 5th edition of the Infinity Depth Games. The conditions and set-up meant that our students thrived in a competition environment and we watched as they went from strength to strength. We can’t wait for the 6th edition to come round! The competition was held in Larnaca in the crystal clear waters of Cyprus.
Aquacity freedivers, Georgina Miller came third overall in Bi fins, Alex Atkins competed in every discipline, Beci Ryan stretched out her no fins, Alice Hickson set a new British record to 60m in the no fins category,  Daan Verhoeven took amazing photos, Lorena, set a whopping new personal best of 47m, Nicky did amazingly well, Natasha is chipping away at the technical side of it and seeing great results and Cy did his first international competition- well done all of you!  The event was amazing, we explored the wreck of the Zenobia and got to swim with Hawksbill turtles- it just doesn’t get much better than that!

Daan Verhoeven made some beautiful pictures, here is just a selection. You can read all about it on Deeper blue.