Cornwall in the summer time is the most beautiful place in the world. May be its because we travel that we appreciate home so much. Th picture you are looking at is by the wonderful and talented Daan Verhoeven, taken looking out to see at last light on midsummer night. He may have been keeping an eye out for the Orca whales spotted in Cornwall, or the amazing pods of dolphins we see passing by so often. The seals have been coming in to the shore dive at Porthkerris recently to nose around as there is an abundance of life out there. The sea is warming up and its perfect conditions at the moment for wild life spotting! Good news, a pair of beavers released last summer have had babies (kits), the first born in Cornwall in 400 years! And their presence, in particular their dam building is having wonderful repercussions on bat numbers, including some very rare species and flood prevention. Some of the many reasons we love Cornwall!