Try freediving with our introductory course

Who is it for?

If you are wondering if freediving is for you- its a great place to start. The try freedive is an experience rather than a certification- its a dip in the water to see if you like it.

Its a nice opportunity to see the basics in a safe environment with a professional instructor- and will help improve your snorkelling. If you want to learn to get a bit deeper for longer and enough skills to continue your journey- have a look at the level 1 course as the entry level certification.

You should be a comfortable swimmer and in good health.


This program covers some basic theory, breathing and equalisation techniques and is depth limited to 5m. You will have a chance to see a little of the underwater world at Porthkerris. You will earn the SSI ‘Try Freedive’ recognition rating after completing this program.

Course Details
Duration4-5 hours
LocationBeach at Porthkerris Cove- weather permitting.
ScheduleThis courses runs regularly at Porthkerris Divers in the Summer months, between middle of May and end of September.
Price£130.00 per person
Class SizesMinimum 2 people, maximum 4 people per instructor.
Minimum Age15 years old, prerequisite medical and liability release forms.