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About Us

Georgina Miller

George has always been interested in the underwater world. She learned to scuba dive in 1998 and certified as a PADI MSDT Instructor in 2005.

Record Holder and National Team Member

She has been freediving since 2007 and quickly qualified as a member of the UK National team. George has been a UK national record holder 6 times, with a personal best of over 7 minutes in static apnea.
She has been part of the UK team since 2007 and has trained all over the world including at Deans Blue Hole with world record holder William Trubridge.

Passionate Teaching Philosophy

George has a strong background in yoga and swimming and believes self awareness and taking things at your own pace is a crucial part of freediving.
Through training and competing, she aims to keep training methods current, which is reflected in her teaching.
Above all, freediving is a passion for her and a fantastic community to be a part of.

British Freediving Association

George has also been a committee member of the British Freediving Association (, as chair officer since 2011, to help to share her love of the sport.

Georgina's Qualifications:

  • SSI Instructor trainer and SSI level 3 Instructor
  • SSI speciality instructor, Monofin, no fins, variable weight, free immersion and training techniques
  • PADI Master Instructor
  • EFR Instructor
  • SSI react right instructor
  • PADI O2 Provider Instructor
  • Full HSE medical
  • Professional Liability Insurance

Daan Verhoeven

After swimming with dolphins and getting the distinct impression he was being made fun of, Daan wanted to learn how to swim a bit better underwater. It turned out that this was an official sport, and so in 2005 he did his first basic freediving course -he has yet to get completely dry.

National Record Holder

In 2006 he started competing after attending a couple of events as a spectator and really enjoying the atmosphere. He quickly started setting national records, first in the depth category Constant Weight no fins, then also in the pool with dynamic no fins. By 2011, he had set national records in 5 of the 6 competitive disciplines.

International Safety Diver

He took a break from competing, but because he loves the social aspect of freediving so much, he stayed around as a safety diver. In 2011 and 2012 he was voted ‘best safety diver’ by AIDA members. 2011 was also the year he became an instructor, and the year a friend lent him a serious underwater camera.

Underwater Photographer

As a trained graphic artist and photographer, Daan was hesitant to see if his passions would combine, but as the camera clicked underwater, so did something in his mind, and now it’s rare to see him underwater without a camera. His work has been published in newspapers, magazines and major websites, and he has shot video for TV programs, commercials and documentaries.

Relaxed Training Methodology

As an instructor who has worked a lot with children with special needs and adults with a fear of water, Daan approaches teaching in a fluid, individual and relaxed way. He has a soft spot for sharks (and for ginger candies), and hopes to soon be made fun of again by dolphins.

Daan's Qualifications:

  • SSI Level 2 Instructor
  • PADI Master Instructor
  • AIDA Instructor
  • AIDA Judge
  • EFR Instructor
  • O2 Provider Instructor
  • Full HSE Medical
  • Professional Liability Insurance